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10/18/2022 3:40 PM | Technical Framework (Administrator)

You do not need to be a WIFI network engineer to manipulate any of these settings, but you might get a headache trying to figure them out if you're not technically inclined, so do not hesitate to consult a trained professional.

Encryption is scrambling information between your device and your home router to prevent eavesdropping. At the time of this writing, the most secure wireless encryption is WPA2 and WPA3. WPA stands for "WIFI Protected Access," but like most technology acronyms, it's not helpful to know what the letters stand for.  

WPA2 is compatible with more devices, but WPA3 is more secure. Both are secure enough for you to feel safe.

Length is more important than complexity when it comes to WIFI passwords. So, make the password at least 15 characters, but there's no need to...
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